offering the shittiest web on all neocities since JAN 2, 2019


(icon made on lyn mametchi maker on picrew! credits to @MAMETCHI)

welcome! i am nep, but you can also call me eri (a short diminutive of my real name). i'm a 19 years old girl who likes drawing, cooking and play videogames. other interests include anime, manga, dolls and virtual youtubers. i'm a sucker for old-styled websites and that's why i have a page here on neocities. my favorite aesthetics include webcore and animecore.

i am still a newbie on using html, so pwease do not look at my code that much ;_; criticism is okay though!!

this webpage's former name was and it was on spanish, but i decided to remake all of the webpage again and put it all in english to make it accessible to anyone here in neocities.

feel free to look around my website and my guestbook! get comfy with a drink and a snack and just navigate.

carrd website!